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Painting with oil colours can seem very demanding for most beginners but it is also a technique I find to be the most fulfilling and satisfying way to express yourself as an artist. Once you learn the basics you will see all the rest is just your imagination.


There are many reasons why one should learn how to draw. First of all, drawing is a source of great pleasure. Drawings and sketches are much better than photographs when used as a mean to create a painting. The most important is that drawing allows us to develop our visual consciousness helping us look at the world surrounding us in a different inquisitive way.

Mayas art workshop



Painting Of Trees With Oil Colors

In landscapes, trees are usually seen from the distance so it is more important capturing the form and shape of the tree then to concentrate on the details like leaves and small branches. Try to define the silhouette of a specific tree you are painting since each has...

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Scattered Paint-Drawing With Soft Pastels

Expression "scattered paint" goes for drawings built with short moves adding layers of pure pigments which are not connected but allow the paper to be seen underneath. Observed from a certain distance those moves look like they are blending into the coloured mass but...

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How To Draw With Pastel Pencils

Pastels come in few different shapes and forms. They can be in a form of a drawing pencil in which case the pastel core is wrapped with a wooden barrel like an ordinary drawing pencil or they can be in the form of pastel sticks. Pastel pencils are much easier and...

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