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Painting with oil colours can seem very demanding for most beginners but it is also a technique I find to be the most fulfilling and satisfying way to express yourself as an artist. Once you learn the basics you will see all the rest is just your imagination.


There are many reasons why one should learn how to draw. First of all, drawing is a source of great pleasure. Drawings and sketches are much better than photographs when used as a mean to create a painting. The most important is that drawing allows us to develop our visual consciousness helping us look at the world surrounding us in a different inquisitive way.

Mayas art workshop



How To Use Graphite Sticks

Pure graphite, the same graphite you can find in graphite pencils can also be purchased in the form of graphite sticks. Graphite sticks can be soft or hard and can be in the form of a round pencil or hexagonal stick which is used for covering large surfaces while...

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How To Draw Landscapes Using Soft Pastels

Maybe the biggest challenge for any landscape artist is creating depth and impression of space on a flat piece of paper. The most effective mean in achieving the depth and sense of space on your drawing is the use of colour and tone in such a manner to create effects...

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Cross Hatching Drawings

Hatching and cross hatching has been used for centuries as the means of achieving tone and texture while drawing with ink and pen. In hatching the lines go parallel on the paper while in cross hatching drawings lines cross in an angle creating a tone grid. Depending...

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