Mabef M/30 Painting Workstation

Mabef Painting Workstation M/30

Posted On January 23, 2021

Mabef M/30 painting workstation is really an incredible piece of painting equipment. It is useful in so many ways, very practical and very durable. If you have studio space and you are one of those painters that prefer or must paint sitting down, this is an incredible easel for you.

The painting workstation is great for painters in wheelchairs giving them a thoughtfully designed, comfortable, fully integrated workstation where they can paint. It is also good for all those painters that love painting while sitting down.

In this detailed review we will tell you all about good and bad (if there are any) properties of Mabef M/30 painting workstation, but first let us give you the basic features.

Basic Features:

  • Made of oiled, sanded top quality beech wood
  • Fully functional workstation carefully designed to meet the needs of all those painters that have to or prefer working in sitting position
  • H-frame easel with loading capacity of 22lbs
  • Can be tilted to many angles, which makes it suitable for various painting techniques
  • Weight of the complete workstation is 72 3/4lbs


Mabef is an Italian company founded in 1948. and it is in the manufacturing of wooden easels made of top quality beech wood.

Mabef products are of unparalleled quality and aesthetic properties, and the company gives a lifetime guarantee for each of them.

Mabef Painting Workstation M/30

The painting workstation easel allows artists in wheelchairs a comfortable, thoughtfully designed, completely integrated workplace where they can paint.

It is just as handy for artists who prefer to work sitting down or those that must paint sitting down and ideal for both oil and watercolor painting.

The easel element of the workstation is an H-frame easel that provides a perfect support to your painting surface both with large canvas holders and two bars on the sides.

The workstation is wide and fully accessible with the wheelchair. On both sides there are drawers one vertical others horizontal, for easy storage of your canvas and all other tools and supplies you might need while painting.

It has two long and stable legs with two casters on each for easier mobility. You will need studio space if you plan on purchasing Mabef painting workstation since it is not foldable and can not be stored out of the way.

Same as all of Mabefs’ easels workstation is constructed out of oiled, stain resistant, top quality beech wood and has a lifetime guarantee.

Upon purchase, simple assembly is required I included a video on how to do it in case you struggle with the instructions. Shouldn’t be a problem though, but it will take a bit of your time to do it.

The price of Mabef painting workstation is high but keep in mind that it is a full workstation made to last you a lifetime out of top quality materials with exquisite functionality and of course backed by Mabefs’ lifetime guarantee so it is worth it.

Mabef M/30 painting workstation


Mabef painting workstation M/30 is solid and stable and gives you perfect support for your painting surface.

The easel element can be tilted in many angles and can lay flat, so this easel is suitable for many painting techniques.

On each side of the workstation you have drawers so you can have smaller canvas and drawing paper on one side and your paints, paintbrushes and solvents on the other side where you have three drawers that are 10″ x 14,5″ x 2,5″ each.

There are also two pivoting supports, one on each side of the easel to accommodate painting supplies very thoughtfully designed for painters in wheelchairs.

Bottom canvas holder is big enough to hold the painting surface securely in place so it will not move, even if you are painting a bit more energetic.

The maximum height of the painting surface that the easel can support is 33.5″ and the weight that is can support is 22lbs.

I did mention that you need a lot of room if you are planning to use Mabefs’ painting workstation since it is not foldable.

It is around 52″ in width and about 72″ in height, so having designated studio space is preferred tho the workstation is mobile thanks to four lockable casters on it.

All the moving parts are built with precision and in a manner so the wood is not damaged while you are making the necessary angle and height adjustments.

Also, everything is made of top quality materials, so I see no need of you changing anything on your workstation in your lifetime.

Mabef company is very confident in the quality of its products and is backing each and everyone with a lifetime guarantee.

The only downside to this product is the price that is somewhat high and also its loading capacity since it can’t accommodate large pieces, so it won’t be enough for the painters that like working on large paintings.

One more thing is that this is not for students since it’s not something you can carry with you to the dorm and not for the painters with small work space.


To summarise, Mabef M/30 painting workstation is carefully constructed to meet the needs of painters that are in wheelchairs and all those painters that prefer working while they are sitting down.

With M/30 workstation you will have all the necessary tools and materials at hand while you are working without to need to even get up from your chair.

It is constructed of top quality beech wood, solid and sturdy, built to last you a lifetime. The wood is oiled for stain protection so it is very easy maintaining it in pristine condition.

The easel element on the workstation is an H-frame easel that will keep your painting surface in place during your work. It can be tilted in many angles, so it is suitable for various painting and drawing techniques. 

M/30 painting workstation has four lockable casters so you can move it around your studio with ease in order to catch that perfect light that you need during your work.

It arrives to you almost fully assembled so you do not have to struggle too much upon purchase, but just in case you are still unsure of which part goes where I included a video on how to assemble it in my review 9hope that helps).

The price is high but when it comes to any of Mabef products, it is expected and worth it considering the top quality you are getting and the lifetime guarantee that all of Mabefs’ products have.

I hope you found my review helpful but in case you have any questions and need some more information feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer and help in any way I can.

Written by Magdalena

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