Artistic Rotating Studio Easel

Artistic rotating studio easel

Posted On June 18, 2020

When it comes to purchasing any artist tools and materials it can be a real challenge to a beginner especially when it comes to purchasing a very first artist easel since it is a big and very important part of any creative process.

There are so many different shapes and sizes of easels. Also, there are so many different purposes each easel has. So how to find one that will suit your needs the best? You could try with Artistic Rotating Studio easel made by Artristic.

We might even call this easel a multipurpose easel. But before I tell you more about this particular easel let me tell you something about the things you should pay attention to when you are purchasing an easel.

It is very important knowing what to look for and what to avoid in an easel so it lasts long for you and so it doesn’t annoy you while you are working.

Being an artist myself I know what I’m talking about when I say that bad piece of equipment you use can be very annoying and sometimes it can totally interrupt your creative process.

What you should check first is that the easel you are about to buy is sturdy and stable. Maybe you will not paint on large formats just yet and you think that is not so important but it’s still important that your easel has a decent carrying capacity and can hold your canvas securely in place.

You don’t want your painting to flip over or slip down while you are working also you don’t need your painting surface moving while you are working on it.

One more thing I pay special attention to since I have wooden floors is that the legs of the easel have some sort of slide proof on them so it doesn’t slide all over the studio.

Usually, those are little rubber caps on the bottom of the legs but if you find a good easel you really like and it doesn’t have it this is a solvable problem.

Another thing that is very important about any easel is the quality of the material the easel is built of. Easel is not something you will buy very often so make sure you are buying one that will last you for many years to come.

This includes checking all the moving parts and screws, making sure these are done of quality materials as well so they don’t warp or get lose over time.

Also if you do not have a studio space to work in you want an easel that is foldable so you can store it away and make sure you check for the height of an easel when fully stretched since some can be very tall so you don’t want it hitting the ceiling before you even manage to half stretch it.

Now that we covered the basics of what you should look for let me tell you something about this specific rotating easel and why and how it came to life.

Artristic Rotating Studio Easel

It all started with Tony Barber Australian artist that wanted something more of his easel. He consulted several artists and got to the conclusion that all have the same issues with their easels while painting so he decided to do something about it and make easels more practical and artist friendly.

By 2009. he had a ready product and he established a company Artristic offering the world his innovative rotating easel that will help many artists around the world creating in an easier much more comfortable way.

What Is Actually Artristic Rotating Studio Easel?

Artristic studio easel is actually very light and practical tripod with a mounted rotating head that allows you to rotate your canvas in any angle and position you might need and want while you are painting.

It is constructed of steel, aluminium and durable nylon. The easel is very light and yet stable enough to support the painting surface up to 47″x47″.

Due to light weight and the ability to be assembled and broken down very easily you can use your Artristic easel as a studio and field easel.

The height of the easel can be easily adjusted even with a painting surface on it so you can use it while sitting or standing and even switch between those while you are painting. Height goes from 35″ to 65″. 

Easel is suitable for various painting surfaces such as canvas, drawing boards, canvas boards from 5″ x 7″ up to 47″ x 47″. Artristic easel can also carry surfaces of various shapes with no problem in stability such as round and oval shapes.

While using Artristic studio easel you can easily access those areas of the painting which you can’t with a standard easel just by one simple turn.

Once you get your painting surface into the desired position there is a safety system to help you lock it so it does not move while you are painting.

You can even position your painting surface to lay flat which makes your easel ideal to be used for all painting and drawing techniques even those very liquid ones such as watercolor painting. 

I always like the ability of an easel to hold the painting surface flat since that means I do not have to move my canvas after finishing my painting I can simply lay it flat and varnish it right there and then so much easier than doing it on the table or if it is too big on the floor.

You can secure your canvas on the easel using canvas stretches which allow you to have a completely free painting surface since stretches go on the back of the canvas so nothing is in your way while painting. 

There is one little flaw this easel has and I have to mention to you. Due to mobility, the painting surface tends to be a little bit shaky not as stable as on the classic painting easel which is especially noticeable on larger painting surfaces so this is not an easel for those of you that are a bit more energetic while painting.

Your canvas won’t flip or fall it is secure on the canvas stretches it is just annoying having it shake while you are working.

Another thing that I see as a flaw of this easel is the maximum size of the painting surface it can carry since I am one of those painters that like working on larger surfaces. 

I think that even if you were able to mount larger canvas on this easel (which you can’t anyway) it would not be stable enough to carry the weight of it. 

I would say that the price of this easel is more than reasonable for what it has to offer since you are getting a nice compact easel which you can use for the studio as well as for outdoor painting.

artistic rotating studio easel tilted at an angle

Overall Opinion

This is an amazing versatile easel. Great for painters that like working on their paintings from any angle with ease. Compact enough to be stored away after painting which is good for all of you that do not have studio space to work in.

Light enough to be moved around and carried with mounted painting surface so you can even take it out for your outdoor painting sessions.

If you have any questions related to the subject feel free to leave them in comment session and I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

Written by Magdalena

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  1. Norelle Ruediger

    I would like to know where can I buy parts for my rotating easel stand please
    I’m based in QLD Australia

    • Magdalena

      Hi Norelle,
      I’m afraid that currently everything is out of stock everywhere due to covid19, but since both you and the manufacturer of the easel are based in Australia I’m sure you can come to some understanding and get the needed parts shipped to you.
      I will give you the link to company’s contact page where you can find their phone and email address so you can contact them. In case you are not comfortable with that please let me know and I will contact them for you and let you know what they answered.

      There is the link I hope it helps.


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