Mabef Lyre Easel

Mabef Lyre easel

Posted On January 4, 2020

When it comes to easels there are many different types that have many different qualities and purposes. Most commonly used one is A-frame easel or lyre easel. A-frame easel is basically what the name says an easel shaped in the form of a letter A. They have two legs at the front end and one at the back.

Usually, they are smaller and easier to put aside when you are not using them like under the bed or behind the door which is perfect for those of you that do not have a studio space. Mabef Lyre easel which I like the most is actually a single mast convertible easel M25 that is not shaped like a letter A.


Mabef is an Italian, family founded company that is in the production of the finest easels since 1948. All Mabefs easels are constructed out of best quality beechwood and protected with the finishing layer of oil. They are of unparalleled quality and have a lifetime guarantee.

Beechwood is the best choice of wood for easel production since it is very durable and solid and yet lightweight. Also, you will never find grains of different properties in one piece of beechwood which means your easel will never splinter or bend. If you treat your easel properly after each use it will really last you a lifetime.

There are three of Mabefs lyre easels that I found very useful and that I can recommend to all of the painters that are starting out or simply like working on smaller formats of paintings.

Mabef Convertible Lyre Easel M25

Same as any other Mabef easel M25 is constructed of solid, oiled top quality beechwood. It is in the category of Lyre easels but it is a single mast easel. It has a base in the form of a letter I which makes it stable to support larger canvases or panels.

The mast can be tilted in many angles and it can also lay flat to form a table which makes M25 suitable for many techniques. This means that you can use it even for those more liquid techniques as watercolor painting but this feature is also very convenient for varnishing the finished oil painting.

Upon purchase, assembly is required and the instructions that come with the easel are simple and graphic but if you still can’t figure out what goes where there is a video that will help you do it simply and quickly (included below).

All the moving parts are constructed so they do not cause any friction and the wood is oiled both for aesthetic reasons and for easier cleaning and preservation. Cleaning of Mabef M25 easel is simple all you need to do is to scrape the paint from it wipe it with a piece of cloth and rub with oil.

Weight of M25 is 20lbs and it can support a panel or a canvas up to 22lbs in weight. The weight along with the I shape of the base makes M25 sturdy and stable. The height of M25 when fully stretched is 88 1/2″. 

It can be folded flat so you can conveniently store it under the bed or behind the door when you are not using it.

. When you position it vertically it can hold a canvas or panel up to 78″ in height and when converted into a table it accommodates a panel or canvas up to 39″ in height. It can also accommodate smaller canvas or panel since the panel holders are mobile.

On the mast, there are two mobile canvas holders that can be perfectly secured not to slide or slip. There is no tool tray tho and that would be really convenient to have your tools at hand while painting. 

All in all Mabef Lyre easel M25 is sturdy and durable with a lifetime guarantee. Suitable for beginners and professional artist. It can accommodate a fairly big canvas or panel as same as the small ones. Good to be used for many different painting techniques since it is convertible and can lay flat.

Easy to use and easy to store away when you are not using it. The only remark I have is that there is no tool tray which can not be considered as a big flaw. Price of the easel is a bit high but since it has lifetime guarantee I think M25 is worth it.

Mabef Inclinable Lyre Easel M11

Mabef Lyre easel M11 is constructed out of solid, stain-resistant beechwood. It has a typical A-frame easel design. Front two legs and moving third leg on the back of the easel.

It has a simple rachet control so you can adjust the height of the canvas safely and easily and also to adjust the tilt angle of the canvas.

On the mast, there are two canvas holders that hold your canvas or panel securely in place. On the bottom canvas holder, there is a convenient tool tray big enough to hold your paint tubes and brushes so that you have them at hand while painting.

The tool trey is attached to bottom canvas holder so it moves together with it. M11 easel can be adjusted to suit sitting or standing position depending on how you prefer working.

Weight of the easel is 15lbs and maximum carrying capacity is 22lbs. The height of the easel is 96 1/2″. Maximum height of the canvas it can accommodate is 49 1/2″. You will need to assemble it when you purchase it but it is not difficult if you follow the instructions that come with the easel. I have also included a video that will help you with that.

When folded M11 easel is small enough to fit behind the door or under the bed so you can move it out of the way when you are not painting.

Mabef Lyre easel M11 is made of top quality materials. All the moving parts are constructed in a manner to avoid friction. Maintaining your easel in a perfect condition is very easy since the wood is oiled.

It is suitable for painters that do not work on very large formats and easy to use since it has a ratchet system that allows you to change the angle of your wet painting without the need to take it off the easel so there is no risk of damaging it. 

The price is a bit high but you have to consider the fact that this easel will last you a lifetime and that it has a lifetime guarantee. Sturdy, stable and practical this easel is excellent for those that like working on smaller surfaces whether they are beginners, students or a professional artist.

Mabef Basic Lyre Easel M13

Mabef Lyre easel M13 is a basic typical A-frame easel in its simplest form. Constructed of solid, stain-resistant, top quality beechwood with a lifetime guarantee.  It has two sliding canvas or panel holders. Bottom holder has a tool tray so you can have your tools and paints at hand while painting. 

M13 has a rachet system so you can easier adjust the height of your canvas while painting. You can use this easel sitting or standing whatever you prefer. It has an innerspring system to reduce vibrations of the canvas or panel while painting. Both holders can be tightened enough to hold your painting surface securely in place.

All moving parts are designed in a manner to not damage the easel. When folded M13 can be stored under the bed or behind the door so you do not have to have a studio space in order to use it since it is easy moving it out of the way.

The height of the easel is 90 1/2″. Weight is 12lbs and it can support canvas or a panel up to 22lbs in weight and maximum 49″ in height. It can also carry smaller formats.

Sturdy, stable and reliable Mabef lyre easel M13 is good for beginners, students and all painters that work on smaller formats. 

I hope I managed to help you decide which easel is the best for you. No matter which one of these three easels you purchase with Mabef you will not make a mistake. Their products are of top quality wit lifelong guarantee constructed with care with your satisfaction in mind. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Written by Magdalena

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