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Posted On October 7, 2019

Easels come in many different shapes and have many different purposes. For painters that like working outdoors, best easels are those that can be easily folded so they can be carried.

Easels for outdoor painting are called portable field easels. Field easels are usually midsize or small, have telescopic or foldable legs and are based on a tripod design. They are usually made from wood or aluminium.

Some might have additional support under the mast for a palette or supply box while others have none so you have to carry it separately. They are very light weight.


Mabef is the leader in the production of easels for many years. The company was founded in Italy in 1948.

The name of the company derives from the initials of its founders Mariotto Albino and Bruno e Figi.

It is a family-owned company and it is probably the most respected easel manufacturer in the world.

Mabef easels are of unparalleled function and aesthetic qualities thanks to the experience in fine arts.

Their easels are created in a manner to satisfy the needs of the most demanding artists.


Mabef easels are constructed of solid beech wood. Beechwood is the best choice for artists easels because it is dense and still it is light-weight with a very high degree of consistency.

Your easel will not warp or splinter over time since there are no soft and hard grains in the same piece of wood. If you take good care of your easel it can last you a lifetime.

Comparison Table

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Mabef Field Easel With Folding Tripod M27

 Mabef M27 is a portable field easel. It is constructed out of oiled beechwood. 

M27 can be folded to be small enough to fit in a bag and its lightweight. The weight of M27 is only 1.9kg or 4lbs you can carry it anywhere you need with no effort at all.

The easel is very easy to set up since all of the parts fold into each other. No disassembling or assembling is needed. When folded down everything is held together with a leather strap. 

 There is a wingnut to adjust the Rake for painting and drawing at any angle between vertical and horizontal which makes the easel suitable for all techniques. It can support two canvases at the same time. Also has two folding shelf brackets to accommodate palette or pastel box. So you have your materials and tools at hand.

The easel can support canvases that are up to 155cm high. When folded it is 83cm long. Maximum height of unfolded easel is 185cm. Each Mabef easel has a lifetime guarantee And very little effort is needed to keep it in pristine condition. 

Light enough to carry, easy to set up with convenient angle adjustment this easel will give you all you need while working outdoors.

Mabef M32 field easel

This is the biggest of Mabefs field easels. As any other Mabef easel M32 is constructed out of oiled stain-resistant beechwood.

Since it is bigger and heavier it’s not so easy fitting it in a bag but it has a leather handle to be easy to carry.

The weight of M32 is more than double than one of M27 it is 4kg. But being havier gives it stability to support bigger canvas.

Setup and assembly of the easel is very easy. When folded it has a leather strap to hold everything together. Lenght of the folded easel is 103cm. Height, when unfolded, is 268cm. It can accommodate a canvas up to 200cm.

The easel can be tilted in any angle you might need while painting from vertical to horizontal. Ability to lay flat allows you to use the easel for all the techniques. It does not have any support for a pallet or a tool tray which can be a bit inconvenient for some. 

This is a giant field easel for those of you who like working on a big canvas even when outdoors. Sturdy and reliable as all of Mabef easels, constructed with you in mind to last you a lifetime.

Mabef M29 Mini Field Easel

This is a shrunk-down version of the M-29 field easel. It offers the same quality with even more functionality in a compact and convenient package.

Constructed of beech wood, this portable easel can be adjusted for floor or table use. It can be folded up small enough to fit in a bag or be stored easily. When folded it has a leather strap to hold it together.

The pivoting canvas holder allows the working angle to be adjusted to any angle between vertical and horizontal which means you can use it for any technique. Size of the easel, when folded, is 55cm in length and its weight is only 1,8kg. Maximum height, when stretched, is 195cm.

It has two folding brackets to support a pastel box or a palette. There are two canvas holders meaning it can carry two canvases at once. Setup is very easy whether you want to use it as a tabletop or floor easel all is done within a minute with few easy steps.

The carrying capacity of the easel is somewhat smaller and the canvas it accommodates is smaller in size. Maximum height of the canvas it can support is 100cm.

Very compact, light multipurpose easel constructed of best materials whit a lifetime guarantee Mabef M29 mini is definitely an ideal field easel for those of you that work on smaller canvases.

Written by Magdalena

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