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Masterpiece Artist canvas Vincent

Posted On October 15, 2020

Nowadays canvas is the most popular painting surface for various types of paints such as oil, acrylic and alkyd paints.

What makes canvas so popular is an amazing feel it gives you when you use a brush on it as well as the fact that is very light and easy to transport even when you are working on larger formats opposed to wood which was used for painting in earlier days.

What can be a challenge when choosing the right canvas for your style and material is the variety of canvases on offer. 

In our review of Masterpiece Artist canvas we will give you the reasons why we consider this particular canvas one of the best on the market today, but first let us tell you what is it that you should look at when you are purchasing a canvas.

Types Of Canvases

Whether you are stretching your own canvas or you are buying a pre-stretched one, there are so many different types of canvas fabrics to choose from.

What you require from the surface you paint on will determine which canvas you will chose. Different properties of the canvas you paint on will give you different end result, meaning combination of different types of canvas and different ways of preparation of canvas will largely influence the final appearance of your painting.

Most popular amongst painters is a linen canvas that is also very expensive but with much better properties than cotton canvas.

Linen canvas is durable and once stretched it doesn’t get loose since it is less absorbent and less prone to expand and contract due to moisture.

Linen also provides a variety of weights and textures, from very smooth to extremely rough, and that gives you a variety in the painting surface together with the gesso you use as a finish for priming your canvas.

Masterpiece artist canvas


Masterpiece professional canvas producer was founded in America in 1965. Company offers you top quality canvases primed and unprimed with 10 canvas surfaces, 4 depths and nearly 300 standard sizes.

If you still didn’t find what you are looking for at Masterpiece, they can make it for you since they do custom work as well.

They have several patents that make their products unique and what’s more important preform better for you and help you raise the value of your artwork.

Masterpiece Artist Canvas Vincent Pro 36 x 45 Vintage Oil Primed

Vincent Pro 36 x 45 is made of pure Belgium linen, which is naturally strong linen with a more uniform surface texture.

It is sized and single primed with oil primer. Vincent pro canvas is very absorbent, gives you excellent luminosity, and can only be used for oil and alkyd color painting.

Canvas depth is 7/8″ and canvas relief is 5/16″. The wood used for the strecher bars is solid Ponderosa pine wood from the sustainable forests of Pacific Northwest.

Stretcher bars are 7/8″ in depth and 1-1/2″ wide. They have corner keys pre-installed so you can additionally stretch your canvas if you feel the need to do so.

For additional security and in order to prevent your canvas to bend or twist cross braces are added. Cross braces are very strong and they also have corner keys so you can additionally stretch your canvas even in the middle where it is actually most important.

The cross bars are solid and strong 1/2″ x 3.25″. The canvas is stretched using Museum method and its drum-tight stretched with balanced tension across the entire surface. This method ensures the tension of the canvas up to 50% tighter than any other method.

Corners of the canvas are not cut and are neatly folded and there is enough canvas left at the back so you can remove it from the stretcher bars and re-stretch it on the frame of same size if you feel that it is needed.

The price of the canvas is really high, but you get a superior quality canvas that is worth it. This canvas is definitely something that I would not recommend to beginners or students it is a product made for professional artist to give them the perfect surface for creating masterpieces.


  • Canvas size 36 x 45, 4:5  aspect ratio
  • Wood used for stretcher bars is premium quality Ponderosa Pine wood
  • The canvas is pure Belgian linen, sized and single primed with oil primer
  • Very absorbent, to be used only with oil and alkyd paints
  • Has pre-installed corner keys and keyable cross braces for additional support
  • Drum-tight stretch up to 50% tighter than other methods


Masterpiece Artist canvas Vincent Pro is a premium quality product. It is made to provide an excellent, extremely durable surface for your artwork.

It is very important for your art to use the best canvas that you can afford. Using a good quality canvas is an investment in your work. 

Masterpiece canvases are made so that they outlive the painter and for any painter that is very important. Knowing that your work your legacy will still continue even a long time after you are gone.

What makes masterpiece canvases so good? First there is the canvas itself, only the best natural canvas is used, carefully selected and inspected.

A sizing is then applied to the canvas to create a barrier between the fabric and the primer, which is specifically designed to provide the ultimate surface on which your paints will join with the canvas.

The canvas is then mounted onto the frame, which is made of top quality Ponderosa Pine wood. If the size of the canvas is larger than 16″ a brace is applied for additional support and prevents the stretcher bars to bend so the canvas stays tight after it is painted.

To increase the tension of the canvas you can use the corner keys and the brace keys which are built in and press them further in the sloths. This will add tension to the corners and the middle of the canvas where you need it the most.

This canvas is professionally made to the smallest detail and it is worth the money you pay for it. As I already said this is not the canvas for students or beginners since the price is so high but I would definitely recommend it to any artist that wants their work to last.

If you have any questions concerning the subject, feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer them and try to help you in any way I can.

Written by Magdalena

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