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Winsor and Newton professional watercolors opened box

Posted On January 17, 2020

Watercolor painting is very satisfying and also the cheapest painting technique so it is ideal for those that are just starting out and testing the artistic waters. Good for you to get the feel of those nice brushstrokes and see how paints behave when you mix them.

There are many good watercolors on the market some are expensive and of superb quality, others are of good quality and yet affordable Winsor And Newton Professional Watercolors go in this second category.

Using Winsor and Newton Professional watercolors can give you great results at a reasonable price. I think that Winsor and Newton is ideal for beginners and students for any painting technique since that is a company with a long tradition and good quality products at the prices that are not as high as you expect for art supplies.

blue pigment used for the production for Winsor and Newton watercolors on white surface

Winsor And Newton

Winsor and Newton is a British company founded in London in 1832 by scientist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton. In 1835 Winsor and Newton company produced first moist watercolors. Those were glycerine based colors that changed the history of outdoor watercolor painting.

Top-quality materials, long tradition and experience and production supervised by experienced artists are enough to assure anyone that Winsor and Newton provide only top quality art supplies. You can not make a mistake if you decide to purchase Winsor and Newton products.

Winsor And Newton Professional Watercolors

Winsor and Newton professional watercolors have a range of amazing 109 different colors and tones. It offers vibrant, bright colors made of the finest pigments. It is well known for brilliance and strength of colors.

There are 80 single pigment colors in the professional line. They company uses a special process of pigment dispersion during manufacture to ensure great color transparency.

Out of 109 colors in Winsor Newton professional watercolor range, 106 are marked as permanent for artists’ use rated AA or A for permanence.

brush spreading Winsor and Newton pink watercolor across white paper


Winsor and Newton artist grade materials are very popular and of very good quality. The pigment load in their professional paints can be easily compared with the best ones on the market. Certain colors in Winsor and Newton professional watercolor line even look better than in many other brands like Phtalo Blue, Cerulean Blue and Dioxazine Violet.

Paints behave as expected when used wet on wet and colors are what the label says so, you can’t go wrong when choosing what to purchase. What some might see as an issue with Winsor and Newton professional watercolors is the fact that the paints in tubes are produced by a different formula than paints in pans and half pans.

This means that you can’t actually use them to fill pans which is possible with other brands since most of the paints cant rewet after you let them dry out.

Even the paints that you somehow manage to rewet to the point when you can use them no longer have the strength and vibrancy of colors as they had once you used them fresh from the tube or the actual pan you purchased full.

Some of the colors from the professional watercolor line tubes dry so hard that they start to crack and when you try to rewet them all you get is an unusable gritty mass. So my advice for you would be to buy pans and half pans unless you are one of those painters that poor on the pallet just the amount of paint they will actually use.

open box of winsor and newton watercolors

A pocket-sized field box set of Winsor And Newton Artists’ Water Color

This is a very neat set of watercolors that is easy to carry for outdoor painting. The set contains 12 professional watercolors in half pans. It unfolds into a palm-size painting kit with a thumb ring on the bottom so you can hold it easier. Basically this little set has everything you might need for your outdoor painting session. 

When you unfold the box you will find that next to those 12 well selected professional watercolors you have a water bottle, water pan that can be attached to the box, a foldable travel watercolor brush, small sponge and two mixing areas. 

The colors you get in the set are well selected so you can use them to mix any color you need.

If you still feel you need additional colors you can easily fit two more half pans with watercolors in there which I would anyway recommend since pans seem to slide a bit when you move the box so those two additional half pans help you not only to enlarge the choice of color but to keep everything securely in place.

The foldable watercolor brush that you get in the set is of good quality but it is too small 1 or 2 and can be used just for fine details so I would say that you might need to bring another bigger brush for watercolor painting.

There is a sponge in the set that can be used as a replacement for a bigger brush but it is not precise as a brush tho it is good for large areas and if you want to take some paint off the paper.

There are two areas for mixing the color but if you need a bit more space you can always use the water bottle as a third mixing are since it already has a dent on it and is white as the other two mixing areas.

The water pan is big enough to carry the water you need while painting and yet not too big to make everything heavy for you to hold. It also has a little dent on the bottom so you can secure it on to the box perfectly so it doe not move while you are working.

The box itself when folded is too big to fit in the pocket of your pants but small enough for a jacket pocket or a bag in which you usually carry all the supplies you might need while you are painting outdoors. It looks really classy since it is made of dark blue plastic with a silver logo of Winsor and Newton company on it.

The colors that come in the box are Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine, Ivory Black, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Winsor Blue (Green Shade), Winsor Green (Yellow Shade), Winsor Lemon, Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, and Yellow Ochre.

The price is not high for a neat set like this one that you can easily carry with you and also for the superb quality of watercolors that you get in it. This nice little set is definitely something I can recommend to any of you whether you are a beginner or a professional artist.

If you have any questions about this subject feel free to leave them below in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help.

Written by Magdalena

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