Mabef Revolving Painting Accessory

Mabef easel with mounted Mabef revolving painting accessory holding a blank canvas

Posted On July 5, 2020

Are you one of those painters that like working on large formats? Or maybe just a painter that likes painting while sitting? Or maybe just a short person like me? Don’t you absolutely hate when there is a part of the painting surface that is too high for you and you simply can’t reach it to paint on it?

I know I do. When that happens I have to take the painting off of the easel which is very annoying since I like working wet on wet so moving my painting in the process of painting is really messy. Well, there is a solution. Mabef has an amazing addon for their easels that can help with all of the issues mentioned above.

That is MA40 revolving painting accessory. It is actually a nice little revolving head that you can attach to the mast of your Mabef easel to hold your canvas and rotate it 360 degrees.


Mabef is a well known Italian company that is a leader in the production of wooden easels. Mabef products are of unparalleled quality, function and design qualities.

The company was founded in 1948 and is situated in Cardano al Campo in Italy. All of the Mabef products are produced of top quality beechwood and have a hundred years guarantee.

The wood used for the production of Mabef products is carefully chosen so there are no issues with bending or splintering and oiled to be stain resistant. If you take good care of your Mabef easels and accessories they will last you a lifetime unchanged and undamaged maintaining its beauty and functionality.

M/A40 Mabef Revolving Painting Accessory

This is a great little piece of equipment for all painters that like to get to all parts of their painting surface easily without having to get up or remove it from the easel.

It is designed to fit most of the Mabef H-frame and lyre easels. Since it has a spring clamp to secure it to the mast it is possible that it would fit some other easels as well but maybe it is better not to risk it and use it just with Mabef easels.

This handy little accessory helps you to rotate your painting surface for 360 degrees without having to remove it from the easel. It allows you easy access to all the parts of your painting and helps you paint all the edges with ease.

Appearance And Performance

Mabef revolving painting accessory is made of solid top quality beechwood which has an oil finish like stain protection. Maintaining it is very easy all you have to do after you finish painting is scrape off the paint of it and use a cloth damped with some linseed out to polish it.

All the moving part of this accessory are constructed in a manner so that moving does not cause any friction and damage the easel in any way.

It has a hundred year guarantee like all other Mabef products. It is easy to assemble it and attach it to the mast of your Mabef easel if you only follow the instructions.

If you can’t do it using the instructions in the box you can do it according to the video that I have included above. But I do not think you will have any issues since the assembly is very simple and so is mounting your painting surface on it.

There are two canvas holders on opposite sides of the accessory and additional L screws to keep your canvas securely in place. The accessory can slide along the mast or can be secured to the mast so you can move it together with it.

Special clamp attachment is included to give your painting surface additional stability.

It is pretty stable as long as you do not paint too aggressive, then you can feel a bit of a wobble though the stability also depends on the size of the mounted painting surface. If on the other hand, you paint slow and steady you will not notice any movement or shaking of your canvas.

Mabef revolving accessory M/A40 can accommodate a canvas up to 52.8″ and up to 22lbs in weight. It rotates 360 degrees in any vertical position the tilt angle depends on tilting capability of your easel.

M/A40 is applicable on all Mabef studio and lyre easels except M/33, M/08, M/30 and M/25. Due to the construction of the attachment and the security clamp it has, I think it is possible using it with other easel brands but you should anyway try it first.

The weight of the accessory is 8lbs so you do not have to detach it from the easel in case you do not have studio space and you have to store the easel away after work.

Simply rotate it so it is parallel with the mast and put it away together with your easel. It is light and small and I’m sure it will not be any trouble doing so.

The price of Mabef revolving accessory M/A40 is somewhat high but you should think of the advantages it gives you and the hundred year guarantee which says it all about the quality of Mabef products.


All in all, this is a very useful piece of equipment that can benefit any painter no matter if you like to work sitting or standing.

Mabef revolving accessory allows you to rotate your painting surface 360 degrees in any vertical position allowing you to access all the parts of the painting surface with ease without having to take your painting off the easel.

It is light weight and easy to assemble and mount on the easel mast. Suitable for almost all Mabef studio and lyre easels. Built so it holds your painting surface stable and secure while you are painting.

 Even tho it is a bit pricey I still think this is a neat piece of equipment to have because it will make your work so much easier. It is also a great idea for a present for a painter that already has everything.

If you have any questions regarding the subject feel free to leave them below in the comment section and I will be happy to answer them and try to help in any way I can.

Written by Magdalena

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