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Mabef table easel M/14

Posted On August 19, 2020

Easels are a very important tool for every painter no matter if you are a student, professional artist just a beginner you need to have a good easel that will satisfy your needs and help you while you are creating.

There are so many different types of easels so it can be very hard choosing the right one for you. If you are a student or a painter with a limited workspace what you might prefer is a table easel. One of my go-to companies when it comes to easels is Mabef so I would like to tell you little something about Mabef Table Easel M/14.

Table easels are in general small and foldable. You can easily transport them and move them out of the way when you are no longer using them. Also, tabletop easels can be used as display easels.

bottom part of Mabef table easel


As I have already mentioned my go-to company when it comes to easels is Mabef. This is a company that is in the production of wooden easels for many years now.

It was founded in Italy in 1948 and it has been improving and growing ever since. Mabef products are of unparalleled quality, functionality and beauty.

All of their products have a lifetime guarantee which in my opinion says a lot about the quality of Mabef products. They are sturdy, reliable and literally last you a lifetime.

Mabef easels are produced of top quality beechwood and the have an oil finish in order to give the wood protection of staining.

Maintaining your easel in perfect condition is very easy and takes so little of your time. All you have to do after you finish painting is to remove any paint from the wood with a dry cloth and then wipe your easel with a cloth damped in linseed oil.

Mabef easels won’t twist or bend, wood will never splinter, even all the moving parts are created in a manner so that nothing damages the wood. All bolts, screws and hinges are made of top quality materials and that’s why at Mabef they are so confident to give you a lifetime guarantee for their products.

Mabef Table Easel M/14

Mabefs’ table easel M/14 is a basic tabletop easel. It is made of top quality beechwood which is the best choice of material for wooden easels since it has perfect structure. There are no soft and hard grains in a single piece of beechwood so it does not bend or twist over time.

Wood is additionally oiled which makes it stain resistant so it is not only long-lasting it is very easy maintaining it in pristine condition with just a little care.

All you have to do after the painting is clean your easel with a soft dry cloth and damp the cloth in linseed oil and rub it in your easel. This way your easel will stay perfect for many years to come.

All the moving parts are made in such a manner so there is no friction and no damage to the wood. Also, all the screws and hinges are made of top quality materials so they don’t wear out after a long period of use.

Mabef table easel M/14 is very light weighs only 3.5 libs, and it is foldable so it is great for students, beginners and all of you with limited workspace since it is very easy storing it out of the way after you finished working and also you can carry it anywhere.

It can carry a canvas or a panel up to 5.5 libs. Height of the easel when fully stretched is 40.5″. It can accommodate a canvas or a panel up to 23.5″ in height.

Canvas holders are big enough and can be tightened enough to keep your painting surface securely in place.

The base of the easel is 11. 1/2 x 13. 3/8. It has rubber legs that prevent the easel to slide on the table. Even tho this easel is small and light it is still very stable and sturdy.

Mabef table easel M/14 is diverse and can be used for many painting and drawing techniques since it can be tilted in many angles. It can also be used as a display easel.

The price of the M/14 basic table easel might seem to you somewhat high but may i remind you that Mabef products have a lifetime guarantee which says enough about the quality they provide you.  So I think it is worth paying a bit extra for a product that you know will last you a lifetime.


To summarize. Mabef basic table easel M/14 is made of top quality beechwood with wing nuts and hinges that allow you to set the height and inclination angle to what you prefer without the risk of flipping your painting surface. 

It has a square base with rubber legs to prevent slipping on the table surface while you work. It is in the shape of an H-rame easel with two secure canvas holders.

Mabef M/14 can be tilted in many angles which makes it suitable for many painting and drawing techniques.

It is very light and can be folded flat which is very convenient if you need to move it out of the way in case you are a student or simply don’t have a designated studio space, also being light makes it easy to carry in case you travel a lot.

The price of Mabefs’ M/14 table easel is a bit high but since it has a lifetime guarantee and is of exquisite quality and functionality I don’t see the price to be a disadvantage Mabef products are really worth every penny.

If you have any questions about the subject or need my help feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Written by Magdalena

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