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Mabef table top easel on a desk

Posted On July 26, 2020

When you are a beginner artist purchasing any of the art tools and materials can be a real challenge since there are so many things you might or might not need on offer. One of the very helpful tools you will need for painting is an easel. Now, what kind of easel you are going to buy depends largely on the technique you are planning to use and also the amount of money you are planning to invest in your artwork.

There are so many different types of easels and it is hard deciding which one to purchase. But in case you need something small, very portable and easy to set up we can recommend you Mabef table top easel M/31.

Table easels are suitable for those of you that prefer working in a sitting position they do not leave you much space to manoeuvre around your painting surface and also table easels are good for all of those that have very limited space.

They are small, light very portable and easy to store away and also they are cheaper than other easels. In my opinion, it is a good additional easel to own but I couldn’t limit my self only on a table easel.

Mabef table top easel on a computer desk


Mabef is an Italian company with a long tradition and experience in the production of top quality wooden easels. Since 1948 Mabef gives us products of unparalleled quality and esthetic properties.

All Mabef easels are manufactured of top quality beechwood and have a lifetime guarantee. Beechwood is the best choice for the production of easels since it is very durable and solid and yet lightweight.

Mabef easels never bend or splinter over time and all the moving parts are constructed in a manner so they don’t damage the wood.

Wood is covered with a finishing layer of oil which protects your easel from staining. Maintenance is very easy and if you do it properly and regularly your easel will last you a lifetime.

All you have to do once you finish painting is scrape any paint that might be on the easel off and use a cloth with a bit of linseed oil on it to oil your easel.

Appearance And Performance

Mabef table top easel M/31 is made of top quality beech wood which is oiled for additional protection from staining. Canvas holders are big enough to keep your canvas securely in place.

It can be set to any angle from vertical to horizontal. You can use it on top of the table or lower the canvas on the side of the table depending on how you prefer.

M/31 is very compact and you can easily store it out of the way when you are not using it, like under the bed or in some closet somewhere.

Minimum height of the easel is 25″ and maximum height, when it is fully stretched, is 41 3/8″. The base is 14 1/8″ and 15″ so it can easily fit on the average table.

The weight of the easel is 6lbs and its maximum loading capacity is 9lbs. It can accommodate the canvas or panel up to 39 3/8″.

 Mabefs’ M/31 table top easel is very stable and sturdy. On the base, there are non slip rubberized feet which is great since some table surfaces are very smooth and you easel can simply glide on them and that would be so annoying while you are working. 

The canvas holders are big enough and you can tighten the screws on them to secure your painting surface and be sure that it will not slip or move while you are painting. 

All moving parts are constructed in a manner so they don’t damage the easel in any way. Oil finish secures the there is no staining on the easel and if you clean it regularly it will stay in pristine condition for many years.

Mabef M/31 has life long guarantee which, in my opinion, says all about the quality of this product. When you purchase Mabef products you are making a great investment in your art since they really last you a life time.

The price of the easel can seem a bit high to many but the quality fits the price so I assure you it is worth every penny. Table top easels, in general, are suitable for those of you with limited work area and their ability to be stored anywhere since they are extremely compact makes them ideal for students and hobbyists.


To summarize, Mabef M/31 table top easel is a top quality product constructed by experts with you in mind. It is ideal for students and beginners and all of those that have a limited working area. Mabef M/31 easel can satisfy the needs of even most demanding artist since its quality and functionality are unparalleled.

Though it might seem somewhat pricey this is a product with a lifetime guarantee which means this is once in a life time investment and this alone is what makes it worth spending a bit extra.

M/31 table top easel is stable and sturdy, has non slip rubberized feet to ensure its stability, can be adjusted to hold your canvas or panel on the table or hanging from the side of the table in any possible angle from horizontal to vertical which makes it suitable for all painting and drawing techniques.

As far as table top easels go this product offers you all that you might need.

If you have any questions or need any help concerning the subject you can leave them below in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer them and help you in any possible way I can.

Written by Magdalena

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