Renoir Table Easel

Renoir table easel on a table with art materials

Posted On August 27, 2020

You are a painter with limited workspace? Perhaps you are working in the room that you share with others? Or maybe you travel a lot and need a small, light and very portable easel?

Creative Mark has a solution for you-Renoir Table easel. This easel is great for all of you with limited space since it can be folded into a small box and stored out of the way when you are not working. Also, it is light enough to be carried in case you are a student and keep travelling a lot.

Table easels usually can’t carry heavy painting surfaces and can’t accommodate big canvas or board. They are only suitable for smaller pieces so they can not be considered as a replacement for a studio easel.

They are just an alternative for those painters that have no studio space and have to use areas in the house that they share with others. That’s why I am saying that this easel is suitable for students and beginners.

I am a painter that prefers working on a large canvas but I still find this little easel useful for example if you have to travel, since it is very light and foldable and you can carry it with you.

Renoir Table Easel

Renoir table easel is made of refined beechwood which is very sturdy and hard and yet very light. The easel has an oil finish for protection from staining.

As a base of the easel, there is a box with a convenient drawer to store your painting materials and tools. The drawer is very spacious, it is 14″ x 16″ x 1.5″. It is metal lined with the option of easy adjustment of the metal parts inside to organize it the way you prefer, depending on the materials you use.

This is very convenient since it keeps the inside of a drawer protected from staining that can happen if some of the paints or solvents leak out. Also, this drawer makes the base of the easel heavier thus giving your easel additional stability.

On the side of the base of the easel, there is a very neat handle made of genuine leather that allows you to carry your easel like a suitcase. This is good for all of you that like to carry your easel when you travel or students that have to take it to a dorm or uni and back.

It is fully foldable and small when you fold it so you can easily store it out of the way, under the bed or in a closet.

The easel has two movable canvas or panel holders that have a few different ridges on them so your canvas or panel can fit in them and be secured very well to prevent any movement while you are working.

Also, the bottom canvas holder can be lowered under the table surface so you can paint more comfortably. Most of the table easels do not have this neat feature which is a shame really since it is very handy for larger pieces.

Renoir table easel weighs only 9lbs and it folds to just 14″. It can accommodate a canvas or a panel up to 34″ in height.

The Renoir easel can be tilted to many different angles from 0 to 90 degrees so this makes it suitable for various painting and drawing techniques.

It has wingnuts that help you tighten it in the desired position and it holds very well so you do not have to worry it will move even with a bit extra force applied to the painting surface.

The price is low considering the quality and the functionality you get in this handy little table easel. Upon purchase, easel arrives to you fully assembled all you have to do is unbox it, set up your painting surface and you can start painting. 


  • Tilts to any angle from 0 to 90 degrees which makes it suitable for many drawing and painting techniques.
  • A spacious drawer at the base of the easel for easy storage of tools and materials needed while working. This also gives the easel additional stability.
  • Very lightweight only 9lbs and compact size when fully folded just 14″ along with a leather handle that makes it easier for you to carry it makes this easel ideal for people with limited workspace and students.
  • Two mobile canvas holders allowing you to work below the table surface 
  • Accommodates canvas or panel up to 34″.


What do we like about this easel? Everything. It is sturdy and still light. It is nice in design. Very practical to carry and move around, storable which makes it amazing for all of you without studio space.

Renoir table easel is good for many painting and drawing techniques since it can be tilted in many angles. Canvas holders have ridges to secure many different sized canvases and panels.

Price is really low considering the quality and functionality you get, which amongst the other great traits makes this easel ideal for students and beginners but also the quality is good enough to satisfy the needs of more experienced painters with limited workspace.

If you have any questions regarding the subject feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will be more than happy to help.

Written by Magdalena

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