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Posted On January 6, 2020

A-frame easels are the most used type of easel for students and beginners since they are smaller, easily foldable to be stored out of the way and not as expensive. They can be used by professional artists as well as long as they do not work on large format paintings. Since they are not as sturdy as H-frame easels they can’t carry a lot of weight.

US Art Supply easel Sunset is a typical A-frame easel. Constructed of handcrafted solid beechwood with an oil finish for additional protection and easier maintenance.

Beechwood is the best choice of wood for easels since it is very durable and yet lightweight. Also, beechwood does not bend or splinter since there are no soft and hard grains in a single piece of wood, it is very consistent. The best easels in the world are made of beechwood.

Keeping your easel in good condition is very easy since the wood is oiled so all you have to do after you finished work is to remove paint from it with a paper towel or a rag and again rub it with a piece of cloth damped in oil.

US Art Supply A-frame easel

Appearance And Performance

Same as all A-frame easels Sunset easel has two front legs and one rear which can be moved to adjust the angle of the canvas while you are painting. The overall shape of the front end of the easel resembles the shape of a letter A , hence the name.

On the mast, there are two canvas holders to secure your painting surface in place. Bottom canvas holder has a tool tray to put your tools and paints and have them at hand while you are painting. The tool tray is big enough to keep all that you might need like brushes, paint tubes and palette knives.

It has a trigger lock mechanism to easily adjust the height of the canvas or panel and keep it securely in place. Easy to turn knobs are included to make all the adjustments more pleasant for you.

The US Art Supply easel Sunset is inclinable which means there is a tilt mechanism on the mast that helps you adjust the angle of your canvas or panel in the angle you need which is great for pastels or simply to easier reach the top of your canvas while painting. You can use Sunset easel while sitting or standing, whatever you prefer.

Maximum height of the painting surface the Sunset easel can accommodate is 50″.The easel is foldable so you can store it out of the way when you are not using it. Simply fold it and put behind the door or under the bed. Very convenient for all that do not have a studio space like students or hobby painters.

Tool tray of US Art Supply easel


  • Made of solid, good quality beechwood.
  • US Art Supply Sunset easels maximum height is 89″.
  • The depth of the easels footprint is 39″.
  • Maximum height of the panel or canvas it can hold is up to 50″, it can also hold smaller painting surfaces.
  • The weight of Sunset easel is 13 pounds.
  • Sunset easel has a trigger lock mechanism for easier canvas height adjustments.
  • Tilt mechanism on the mast allows you to adjust the angle of the painting surface.
  • Spacious tool tray on the bottom canvas holder.
  • Easy to turn knobs for all the adjustments.


If you still are not satisfied with Sunset easel and would like to buy something that’s a step up in quality and overall design I would recommend you Mabefs’ Inclinable Lyre easel M11. Mabef is one of the leaders in the production of wooden easels. Their products are of unparalleled design and quality.

Mabefs’ Lyre easel M11 is in many ways very similar to Sunset easel has the rachet control for adjustment of canvas height and tilt angle. On the bottom canvas holder, M11 has a spacious tool tray. Carrying capacity and height of both easels are almost the same.

The main difference is in the quality of the materials used in the production of easels and the life long guarantee that Mabef company offers for all of its products.

What is also different is the price of the easels. Mabef easel is more expensive than US Art Supply Sunset easel.

Overall Opinion

To summarise US Art Supply Lyre easel Sunset is a typical A-frame easel with some adjustments implemented to make your painting experience more pleasant. It has a trigger mechanism to keep your canvas holders securely in place so they never slip. Sunset easel also has a special tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of your canvas or panel for easier access or other techniques than oil painting.

The Sunset easel is made of good quality beechwood and oiled so it is stain resistant. It can support a medium-sized canvas or panel. It is lightweight and easily foldable so it can be stored out of the way when you do not need it. Simply fold it and place behind the door or under the bed. The price of the easel is affordable.

Sunset easel is good for the painters that do not work on a large canvas, that do not have a studio space and need to store their tools after they finish working. It is lightweight and easy to transport which makes it ideal for students and beginners.

If you have any questions related to the subject above feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Written by Magdalena

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